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Each piece of our modular wall unit system can be customized to your own taste to create modern compositions for your tv or modern wall units. Each piece is available in wood in different wood finishes, in high gloss lacquer or matt lacquer in different colors. Some pieces are in anodized aluminum colored white, black or silver. Inquiry about our modern wall units to find the perfect composition for you.

Your wall is fully dressed up with this large modern Italian wall unit available in different layouts and configurations. This modular system is perfect for your living room area or tv room because it can be taken in lots of different layouts. You can design your own set and add up elements depending on your needs. You can choose modern elements for your tv set, tv stands, shelves and hanging modern elements for a perfect tv set or living room wall unit. The featured composition is made of a long 130″ base made of two units available with drawers or folding doors. On the back of the tv it stands a wooden large back panel which is available in different finishes. The left black unit is made of square wood boxes black lacquered with a special incised lacquer doors finish. The top horizontal cabinets have folding doors as well and are high gloss white lacquered. This modern wall unit is available in high gloss lacquer or matt lacquer in more than 27 modern updated colors, or in wood. The Italian minimalism design of this modern tv unit makes it a best seller. Wall fastening mandatory. Approx length 150″ . Different sizes available. Made in Italy.

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